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17/07/2012 - With DirecTV and Viacom at Odds, Apple HDTV Suffers
The continuing litigation between Viacom and DirecTV reached new levels this week, as Viacom pulled all of its stations from DirecTV’s more than twenty million subscribers. With the two media giants battling over internet rights and increased pricing, owners of Apple’s forthcoming HDTV service may find themselves losing out.

09/03/2012 - Panasonic details US availability for 25 of its 2012 HDTVs
Too busy multitasking to make any important decisions? You might want to bookmark this post, then, because Panasonic just spat out a wallop of a press release outlining US availability (but not pricing) details for 25 of its 2012 HDTVs. Starting with those Infinite Black Ultra plasmas we saw at CES, the 65-inch VT50 is coming later this month, but you'll have to wait until April for the 50-inch GT50. If you can settle for a set with an Infinite Black Pro panel, though, the ST50 series is available now in 50- and 55-inch sizes, with the 60- and 65-inchers coming this month and in April, respectively. Moving down the 3D Plasma totem pole, the UT50 series will start tricking out this month in 42- and 50-inch flavors, with 55- and 60-inch counterparts following in April and May. The most affordable of the models listed, the 50-inch XT50 series, will go on sale before the month's end.

Had your heart set on an LED number? If you recall, Panasonic announced a boatload of those at CES, and this press release doesn't even mention all of them, but so far we know the E5 series (32 and 37 inches), the E50 series (42, 47 and 55 inches), the lower-end X5 series (32 inches) and the 47-inch TC-L47DT50 (part of the high-end DT50 series) will all be available this month. Want the best and the biggest? Panasonic is shipping its 3D-capable, 55-inch DT50- and WT50-series sets in May. Rounding out the list, there's Panasonic's first polarized 3D TVs, which will be available later this month in 47- and 55-inch flavors, with a 42-incher following in April.

Got it? Good. You sure? In case you need a moment to digest all those dates and model numbers, tap the source link below to find detailed specs, along with confirmed pricing -- something you won't see anywhere in that extensive press release.

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21/02/2011 - Panasonic's HV200 portable TV is controlled with a wave of the hand
The Fistful of Lard conundrum, heard of it? Probably not because we just made it up. Nevertheless, it's the classic dilemma faced by any home cook: how do you control the counter-top set without subjecting the TV remote or all-in-one touchscreen to a slathering of semisolid hog fat? Easy, if you own Panasonic's new ¥50,000 (about $600) DMP-HV200 digital terrestrial television just announced for Japan. The IPX-3 rated, drip-proof set features gesture control that lets you change the channel or adjust the volume without touching the 1024 x 600 pixel LCD display or bundled remote. It's also available with an optional battery pack giving you about three and half hours of untethered image or video fed over 802.11n WiFi, SDXC cards, or USB cable. There's even a DMB-BV300 version with HDMI-out if you're willing to forgo the gesture control and fork over ¥80,000 (almost $1,000) for the illusion of Blu-ray magic on a 10-inch screen.

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17/03/2009 - ION Television HD Debuts On HD-PRIME

SES AMERICOM has signed a multi-year distribution agreement with the US's largest station group, ION Media Networks, to launch its full suite of television networks in HD.
The move means that SES now has 60 HD channels on its HD-PRIME delivery platform.

06/01/2009 - Young Lead Shift Towards Internet TV Viewing

Internet television viewership is increasing rapidly in the US due to better content and improved viewing quality, according to Move Networks.
The Internet TV service provider has released figures showing it streamed more than 100 million hours of high definition content and over 180 million total hours of content in 2008.

19/11/2008 - Funai Seeks To Ban US Imports Of TV Makers

A US judge has ruled that the digital television products of 14 companies, including Vizio, infringe patents held by Funai.
The Japanese company is seeking a limited exclusion order barring importation of the infringing products into the US as well as a cease and desist order to prevent sale or distribution of infringing products there.

14/10/2008 - HDTV Has Become Simply TV

HDTV penetration in US households is climbing so steadily that it's apparently no longer deemed necessary to mention the high-def part.
According to Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV Market Research for DisplaySearch, “HDTV has simply become TV, with nearly every consumer either owning or understanding the benefits of HDTV and desiring to become an owner”.

03/09/2008 - OLED is coming - but at a price

As a next-generation display technology, the first OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens were never going to come cheap.
For the introduction of the first OLED to the European market, Sony is said to be putting a €3,500 (US$5,000) price tag on its XEL-1 when it becomes available before Christmas.

22/08/2008 - Yahoo and Intel aim for internet on HDTVs

A new partnership to create what has been called the “Widget Channel” has been announced by Yahoo and Intel.
The pair want to build support into HDTVs that embed Web-enabled “channels” that run alongside TV shows.

08/08/2008 - Race towards OLED TVs quickens

Sony set the pace with the launch of its AM-OLED TV last year, now momentum appears to be growing among TV manufacturers in the race towards mass producing larger OLED screens.
LCD TV makers are introducing thinner models to compete with the flatter-than-flat OLEDs as other OLED products are making their way to market.

06/08/2008 - Carolyn Fairbairn appointed Freesat chairman

ITV director of group development and strategy Carolyn Fairbairn will succeed Tim Davie as chairman of the UK’s free-to-air digital satellite television service Freesat in September.
Davie, currently the BBC’s director of marketing, communications and audiences, will relinquish the Freesat when he becomes the corporation’s new director of audio and music.

04/08/2008 - Sky now boasts 500,000 HD subscribers

Sky+ HD
was taken by 33,000 new customers in the UK over the last three months, pushing the premium high-definition PVR to a total customer base of nearly 500,000.
Publishing results for its full financial year, Sky said it had 8.98m subscribers in total with net customer additions over the last three months coming in ahead of analyst expectations at 92,000.

29/07/2008 - Sales of Full HD TVs rising in UK

Demand for Full HD TVs is helping to offset the declining market value for UK consumer electronics products, according to a report from market research specialists GfK.
The total market for electrical goods fell in value for the first time for years in May, with A/V turnover down 7 per cent compared to the same period last year.

22/07/2008 - Sales advice steers consumers towards LCD HDTVs

A lack of knowledge among US retail salespersons regarding recent improvements in plasma technology is blamed for the high proportion of recommendations given for LCD sets.
More than three times out of four, sales staff steer customers to a liquid-crystal display set rather than a plasma screen, according to a study by JD Power and Associates.
Based on the results of a mystery-shopper survey it carried out, analysts suggest that shop assistants don’t really know much about the differences between LCD and plasma.

18/07/2008 - New head to take BBC HD mainstream

The UK’s BBC has named a new controller of its HD channel briefed with attracting more viewers and increasing content
Danielle Nagler has been appointed head of BBC HD replacing Seetha Kumar who is moving to a new senior role within the corporation.
Nagler said it was a “critical time” for the channel and the technology - and for people making programmes.

18/07/2008 - New Zealand warms to HDTV

Just three months after going live in New Zealand, the free-to-air digital television and radio service Freeview has reported an impressive response to its new high def offering.
Since its launch in April, 7,594 HD enabled homes have taken the Freeview HD service
Steve Browning, Freeview’s general manager, admitted that he hadn’t expected uptake to be “quite this fast”.

17/07/2008 - New chip will lead to cheaper Blu-ray players

NEC is banking on the world’s first chip that combines signal processors with memory that controls graphics, audio and other functions to double its sales of Blu-ray hardware in the next two years.
The company expects the EMMA3PF chip to raise its revenue from Blu-ray products to US$378 million in the year ending March 2011.
NEC plans to increase its share of Blu-ray products by offering deep price cuts, which other companies have started and are necessary for the market to grow.

30/06/2008 - Survey shows viewers shifting towards web but preference is still for television screen

Over a third of all US broadband users have watched at least one TV show on the Internet, according to a study conducted on behalf of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).
But the research found that while broadband users are increasingly turning to the web for their video content fix, 94 per cent still prefer to do their viewing on a television screen.
For cable and satellite networks concerned about the growing threat of online TV shows and movies, the survey provided some comfort.
Of those who watched online shows, 82 per cent did so because they had missed a specific programme on TV.
Based on this, the report points out the “critical importance of strong marketing for the initial TV showing".

27/06/2008 - Matsushita plans to produce 37-inch OLED TVs within three years

Japan’s Matsushita is aiming to mass-produce 37-inch OLED televisions within three years in a move that could ignite the OLED market.
The Japanese trade daily, Sankei Shimbun, reports that the electronics giant – the parent of better-known sub-brand Panasonic - is putting the finishing touches on plans to mass-produce 37-inch OLED televisions within three years.
If the plans bear out, it would make Matsushita the first manufacturer producing OLED televisions over 30 inches in size, and could enable Matsushita to challenge Samsung for the top spot in the flat-screen television market.

20/06/2008 - No mention of Olympic factor as US market for flat-panel HDTVs remains strong despite economic down-turn

Sales of LCD and plasma TVs showed a 53 per cent year-on-year increase in the US for the first quarter of 2008, with more than 7.5 million units sold.
This represents a 7 per cent increase over industry projections for the period.
While analysts in Japan have attributed a 35 per cent increase in flat-panel TV sales during the first half of June to the upcoming Beijing Olympics, industry executives in the US are being more cagey.
But what those attending the DisplaySearch TV Supply Chain Conference in San Diego did agree on was that despite the state of the US economy, the North America TV market remains robust - so far.

13/06/2008 - Hispanics in the US more likely to buy HDTV in next 12 months than non-Hispanics

Twenty-eight per cent of Hispanics questioned in a US survey say they will buy a large-screen television or HDTV in the next 12 months.
They also say that TV advertising is the medium that mostly influenced their decision, according to research by Vertis Communications.
This compares to just 23 per cent of non-Hispanics planning to purchase a large-screen or HDTV in the next 12 months.
The study - Customer Focus® OPINIONES – also showed that Hispanics found inserts and circulars to be the second most influential form of advertising.
Internet marketing was the third-most selected medium.

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