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19/12/2012 - Hulu in 2012: $695M Revenue, 3M Paying Subscribers
2012 has been a huge year for Hulu. The following article will go over the progress the company made over the past year, its current and future expansion plans and also what is in store for Hulu in the upcoming years.

13/07/2010 - Apple now selling older HD movies for $10
Buying HD movies from iTunes has never been the most popular option, but it's at least a little cheaper now that Apple has added a $10 or less HD movie section for older titles that were previously sold for the new-film premium of $20. The sub-$10 library only consists of 30 titles at the moment (though we assume that'll grow with time), including 3:10 to Yuma, American Psycho, and The Doors, as well as more appropriate bargain bin specimens like Midgets vs. Mascots, The Midnight Meat Train, and Witless Protection. Ideally, we'd love for the rumored new Apple TV and $0.99 TV show rental option to make all of this somewhat of a moot point, but you'll never catch us complaining about price drops. And besides, it's not like we'll be dropping our Netflix subscriptions based on "maybes" or "mights."

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30/10/2009 - Apple Updates Apple TV with 3.0 Software: More HD Content to Be Sold

After months of speculations whether Apple will release completely new Apple TV device making it a high-end media center for our living rooms or rather leave it, more or less, as it is (means without all the latest true HD capibilities, IP streaming, Blu-ray, live TV ability, HD recorder, 1080p support, etc.)… we still don’t know the answer.

The company introduced new Apple TV 3.0 software that gives us not more than a redesigned main menu - which is said to give a faster access to the content, possibility to watch iTunes Extras and enjoy iTunes LP in fullscreen and listen to the internet radio (including stations in high-quality HE-ACC formats).

23/07/2009 - Universal Adds iPhone/iPod Features to Blu-ray Titles

Universal Studios has announced plans to add a series of iPhone and iPod touch-enabled features on its upcoming Blu-ray releases.
These will enable access to exclusive interactive content through the mobile devices - starting with the Blu-ray release of the box-office smash Fast & Furious on July 28th.

17/06/2009 - LG Delivers First HDTVs To Instantly Stream Netflix

LG is introducing the first HDTVs capable of streaming Netflix movies without the need for an external device such as game console or set-top box.
The online movie rental service will be available in North America on LG's new 47-inch LCD HDTV LH50 and 50-inch plasma HDTV PS80.

14/05/2009 - Epix Network Offers HD Movie Streaming Service

Epix plans to offer full-length HD movies over the Internet using a dynamic-streaming feature from Akamai Technologies' content-distribution network.
The movie service, created by Viacom, MGM and Lionsgate, previously said it was launching as a broadband-video service in May, followed by the linear cable channel in October.

06/05/2009 - Vudu Extends Content To 3rd Party Hardware

Vudu is to make its 14,000-plus movie library available on Entone set-top boxes and DVRs.
The deal is the first time Vudu's content, including around 1,500 HD movies, has been made available on third-party hardware.

15/04/2009 - Sony in talks to put movies on YouTube?

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Is YouTube looking to go upscale? The rumor goes that Sony is in talks to post full length movies on the site, helping to boost the amount of high quality video available. Of course, Sony already has movies available on, and Hulu's been streaming full length flicks for a while, but neither of them are available with all the "HD" YouTube provides or are as easily viewable on many devices beyond computers, so there's plenty of reasons to find a potential deal intriguing.

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25/03/2009 - BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand Coming Through TiVo

Blockbuster is to be the latest online video-on-demand service to appear on TiVo DVRs.
The pair announced today that they are working to make Blockbuster's service available on all TiVo Series2 and Series3 DVRs (including the HD and HD XL models) in the second half of 2009.

20/03/2009 - HD Movies Now For Sale on Apple's iTunes Store

HD movies are now available for purchase from Apple's iTunes for playing on Macs and PCs. Until now, high def movies had only been available to Apple TV owners.
HD Movies will be sold for USD $19.99, while HD rentals will be priced at USD $4.99. Both are in H.264 compressed 720p quality and will come with an HD file and an iPod/iPhone SD file.

12/03/2009 - On Demand Group Wins Greek VoD Contract for IPTV launch

On Demand Group has won the VOD and subscription VOD contract from OTE for its upcoming IPTV service in Greece.
ODG is Virgin Media TV’s content management partner for its VOD service in the UK, which is the largest VOD service outside of North America with over 50m views per month.

13/02/2009 - Sony Plans Movie and Game on Blu-ray Disc

Sony is planning on creating a hybrid Blu-ray - with a game and movie on the same disc.
The move is being viewed as a way to boost the appeal of the Playstation 3 in the face of falling prices for Blu-ray players and the increasing popularity of games consoles such as Wii and XBOX 360.

10/02/2009 - Vudu Halves Cost Of Basic Player

The cost of VUDU's basic 250GB VUDU HD player has been halved to USD $150.
According to the on-demand internet provider the move is not a sign of looming financial problems. It stresses that the dramatic price cut is due to positive factors.

14/01/2009 - Blockbuster and Sonic Solutions Agree Download Deal

Sonic Solutions has joined forces with Blockbuster in a deal that will enable consumers to download the movie giant's content.
Under the agreement, Blockbuster will "supply the branded consumer interfaces and Sonic will power content delivery across PC and portable devices".

05/01/2009 - Amazon Video On Demand Brings New-Release Movies To Roku

Roku has agreed a deal that will give its set-top box users access to Amazon’s video on demand (VOD) content.
The agreement means owners of Roku digital video players will be able to instantly purchase, rent and watch digital movies and TV episodes from the Amazon service.

22/12/2008 - YouTube HD Videos Now In Widescreen

After weeks of trialling its new HD capabilities YouTube has officially launched its high-def channel.
Users clicking on the newly added "watch in HD" option will automatically see the videos play in widescreen (16:9 aspect).

22/12/2008 - Blu-ray Growing In Popularity - Except With Yahoo

It's fitting that after a roller-coaster year for Blu-ray the high-def format should end 2009 on a high AND a low.
With sales in the US encouraging, a poll by Zogby International shows that Blu-ray players are one of the most wanted holiday gifts this season for HDTV owners.
The high-def players are only beaten by consumers looking for a second HDTV.

17/12/2008 - XStreamHD Beams "Blu-ray" Quality Video Direct-to-Home

XStreamHD has successfully tested a transport system that delivers Full HD movies, music, and games directly to subscriber homes via satellite.
The system, tested on the AMC-16 satellite at 85 degrees west longitude, will be able to provide content throughout North America.

10/12/2008 - Netflix Beats Blu-ray Target - Hopes High For 2009

Netflix has reached its target of 500,000 Blu-ray subscribers ahead of schedule.
The retailer's chief financial officer Barry McCarthy said subscribers had added the option of paying an extra USD $1 to receive Blu-ray Disc titles at a quicker rate than Netflix forecast in October.

10/12/2008 - Japan Grasps Blu-ray - US Starts To Get Taste

Blu-ray players bucked generally weak Black Friday sales in the US - helped considerable by average prices dropping to USD $200, according to DisplaySearch.
Stripping out sales of Sony's PlayStation 3, the researchers report that US Blu-ray Disc player revenue "more than tripled from a year earlier" during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday .

05/12/2008 - Pioneer 400GB Blu-ray discs will play on PS3

There are undoubtedly pros and cons to having a single optical disc that can pack in 400GB of data - movies, music...whatever you can throw at it.
Pioneer is preparing for release a 16-layer Blu-ray disc that not only offers this colossal storage capacity but will play back on most current standalone Blu-ray players, including the Sony PlayStation 3.

01/12/2008 - Samsung Blu-ray Players First To Offer Netflix HD

Blockbuster may be hinting at offering its download service on Blu-ray players - Netflix is actually doing it.
From next week two Samsung Blu-ray players are to provide Netflix videos in high definition.

26/11/2008 - YouTube Offers Widescreen HD Videos

YouTube has finally moved to a default widescreen player with an HD-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio.
Perhaps not coincidentally, the announcement follows the video sharing giant's recent decision to start hosting full-length Hollywood movies.
Not that anyone will be complaining.

17/11/2008 - HDTV Owners Prefer Blu-ray....They're Just Not Buying Them

The latest survey from SmithGeiger shows that HDTV owners would rather watch movies on Blu-ray Disc than stream content directly to their TV.
Well, hardly any surprise there. There's never been any doubt about the phenomenal quality of Blu-ray images - but that still doesn't seem to be translating into sales.
Even with price drops in the US of between USD $200 and $300, the HD players aren't rushing off the shelves.

27/10/2008 - Netflix "Watch Instantly" Comes To Macs

Online movie rental giant Netflix is finally offering Mac users its instant watching service.
Windows users have been able to watch movies and TV episodes instantly since early 2007.
The upgraded service will initially only work on Macs with Intel chips - but the Los Gatos, California-based online DVD rental pioneer said that was around 70 per cent of their Mac subscribers.

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