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13/08/2012 - AirPlay Mirroring Versus AirParrot
One of the biggest perks of Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest operating system release, is that it gives Mac users the ability to mirror whatever is on their screen straight through to their HDTV with an AppleTV. It’s great for presentations, broadcasting the iTunes visualizer, or streaming online video and games right onto the big screen. But it won’t work correctly for everyone.

30/10/2009 - Apple Updates Apple TV with 3.0 Software: More HD Content to Be Sold

After months of speculations whether Apple will release completely new Apple TV device making it a high-end media center for our living rooms or rather leave it, more or less, as it is (means without all the latest true HD capibilities, IP streaming, Blu-ray, live TV ability, HD recorder, 1080p support, etc.)… we still don’t know the answer.

The company introduced new Apple TV 3.0 software that gives us not more than a redesigned main menu - which is said to give a faster access to the content, possibility to watch iTunes Extras and enjoy iTunes LP in fullscreen and listen to the internet radio (including stations in high-quality HE-ACC formats).

23/07/2009 - Universal Adds iPhone/iPod Features to Blu-ray Titles

Universal Studios has announced plans to add a series of iPhone and iPod touch-enabled features on its upcoming Blu-ray releases.
These will enable access to exclusive interactive content through the mobile devices - starting with the Blu-ray release of the box-office smash Fast & Furious on July 28th.

20/03/2009 - HD Movies Now For Sale on Apple's iTunes Store

HD movies are now available for purchase from Apple's iTunes for playing on Macs and PCs. Until now, high def movies had only been available to Apple TV owners.
HD Movies will be sold for USD $19.99, while HD rentals will be priced at USD $4.99. Both are in H.264 compressed 720p quality and will come with an HD file and an iPod/iPhone SD file.

29/01/2009 - Thirst For HD Drives Freesat Sales To 200,000

Demand for HD content has helped drive sales of Freesat devices past the 200,000 mark since the UK service was launched last May.
While the figure is impressive, it further highlights the gulf that has opened up between the US and Japan and the rest of the world.

28/01/2009 - UK Gets HD Programmes For AppleTV

Apple has announced that the first HD show is available for download from the iTunes store for AppleTV owners in the UK.
The first offerings in high def are episodes of the current series of ABC's Lost, which will be sold for £2.49 each.

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