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09/01/2014 - Sony's Life Space UX demo envisions projectors, screens everywhere

Among the announcements Sony dropped during Kaz Hirai's CES keynote, the Life Space UX project seemed to be most outrageous, pushing an entirely new vision for projectors. We checked out the company's CES demo booth and found out it actually goes even further than that. The prototype 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector shown on stage and in the demo is expected to cost between $30,000 - $40,000 when it launches later this year.

Similar to the pricey Cinema Beam projector released by LG last year, it can sit very close to a wall even in high-brightness settings and beam a large, clearly visible image. The combination of zoom lenses, three separate SXRD microdisplays and a laser diode light source make it powerful and sharp enough to put out a 147-inch 4K image that's visible even with the lights on. Its low sleek design and modular setup (it splits apart to reveal speakers and cabinet space within) is made for flexibility and to be "harmonic" with the room when it's off. Other prototypes in the demo (check out the gallery for a better look) included a projector placed in the lamp over a regular kitchen table for Surface-style interaction, a mirror that turned into a high-res, touchable display and ceiling projectors that shot upwards. %Gallery-slideshow159988%

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24/12/2013 - Must See HDTV (December 23rd - 29th)

BBC America

The last full week of 2013 is mostly filled with college football bowl games and holiday specials, but the streaming services have some treats. Netflix will premiere the first five episodes of Turbo F.A.S.T. this week, while Amazon continues its original series Betas and Alpha House. HBO's Treme wraps up its run Sunday night with a 75-minute finale, but Doctor Who fans can unwrap two specials from BBC America on Christmas Day including The Time of the Doctor and a goodbye to Matt Smith. For gamers, this week's highlight is a port, as Halo: Spartan Assault arrives for the Xbox One (the Xbox 360 version is due in January). Check after the break for our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and gaming.

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03/06/2013 - Vudu disc-to-digital home Ultraviolet conversion software leaves beta, comes to Mac

Vudu disctodigital at home leaves beta, comes to Mac

It took some time to work out the bugs, but Vudu is finally removing the beta badge from its home-based disc-to-digital service. The idea and the price are still the same as when the beta launched, but what's new is support for OS X, plus an improved user experience and disc identification powered by Gracenote. We gave it a try and found the process couldn't be any easier or more straight forward. To get others to try it out, Vudu is giving away the first conversion on the house and if you're willing to convert ten or more movies then you'll get a 50 percent discount. After converting a DVD to HDX we were instantly able to turn around and start watching it, far faster than any disc ripping software we've used. Add in the newfound ability to download movies to iOS and Android devices and UltraViolet is really shaping up -- though we're still waiting for that common file format to move copies between devices easily and single sign-on to fix the login mess.

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07/01/2013 - Epson adds the Home Cinema 750HD to its line of home theater projectors, ships in March for $899

Epson adds the 3LCD Powerlite Home Cinema 750HD to its line of home theatre projectors, ships in March for $899

Looking to finally convert that guest bedroom into an in-home movie theater this spring? If so, you're in luck as Epson has announced the 3LCD Powerlite Home Cinema 750HD projector here at CES 2013. The home theater unit offers 2D and 3D 720p capabilities for viewing at up to 120 inches or larger. Touting up to 3,000 lumens of both color and white brightness, the 750HD sports Bright 3D Drive tech and Easy-Slide image correction to power viewing sessions from DVD / Blu-ray players, cable boxes, gaming consoles, PC, Apple devices and smartphones -- without the need for an additional format converter. Of course, HDMI and USB connections are here as well alongside five color modes for adapting the picture to each viewing environment. Epson's RF 3D glasses are also along for the ride that boasts 40 hours of viewing or up to three hours after a three-minute quick charge. The Home Cinema 750HD is set to arrive in March, hitting wallets up for $899 in order to procure one.

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09/01/2012 - BenQ shipping 1080p 3D W7000 projector in Q1 2012 for $4,000
No one ever said that 3D would come cheaply, and even BenQ seems to be tacking quite the premium onto its fancy W7000. It's being hailed as the company's first 1080p HD home cinema projector, touting 2,000 lumens of brightness, a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, frame interpolation and support for all HDMI 1.4a 3D signal formats. It's also compliant to the native Rec. 709 color gamut, one of the highest HD video standards for professional-grade home projectors. For certification junkies, there's also an ISFccc badge, and the H+V lens shift technology provides up to 125 percent vertical and 40 percent horizontal lens shift adjustment with zero vertical offset. Interested consumers can pick one up later this quarter in North America for $3,999; catch the full press release after the break.

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23/06/2011 - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joins Facebook's Board of Directors
News that Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings is joining the Board of Directors for Facebook should make for an interesting note in the next movie, but beyond that it's unclear what it means for either company. Hastings successfully navigated Netflix through the process of going public which many assume will be a next step for the social media giant, so his experience could come in handy, and also serves on the board of Microsoft, which owns a stake in Facebook. That goes without mentioning plans by Netflix to make another run at integrating social features into its movie service after the original implementation fell apart and Warner Bros. recently offering video on-demand through Facebook. Other than facing a lawsuit from Paul Allen, Netflix and Facebook share an intense public backlash whenever either one changes their homepage, but we're not sure how he could help there -- have you seen the redesigned

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21/06/2011 - Ben-Hur 50th Anniversary Blu-ray rides again on September 27th (trailer)
Ben-Hur snagged 11 Academy Awards when it debuted in 1959 and now it returns on Blu-ray in Ultimate Collectors Edition packaging. The three disc set follows the recent release of another Charlton Heston classic, The Ten Commandments, promising a frame-by-frame restoration of the original 65mm master. The third disc packs all the special features including a new documentary and the original 1925 silent film while other collectibles include copies of Heston's diary he kept during the entire process. Right now it's available for preorder on Amazon for $45, you can get the full list of extras after the break or just check out the trailer Warner posted embedded above.

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10/06/2011 - Sony's new 3D VPL-HW30ES projector is official for the US too, costs $3,699
We've finally received the official US information (press release after the break) about Sony's latest addition to its line of SXRD projectors, the VPL-HW30ES. The biggest news here is the price, and this one is rocking a $3,699 MSRP. Slipping under the $3,000 barrier really would have made our eyes pop, but as it stands it's still an impressive array of tech for the dollar. Otherwise the details remain the same as we'd heard yesterday, although the press release acknowledges that it will be avialable in a bundle with two pairs of 3D glasses and the IR sync transmitter VPL-HW30AES. Those accessories will otherwise run $129 for the glasses and $79 for the IR transmitter, no word on a bundle price.

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Sony's new 3D VPL-HW30ES projector is official for the US too, costs $3,699 originally appeared on Engadget HD on Fri, 10 Jun 2011 13:59:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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12/11/2010 - JVC Announces World's First THX 3D Certified Home Theater Projectors
Four new JVC home theater projectors are the world's first to gain THX 3D Display Certification. The four projectors, announced at CEDIA Expo in September while undergoing THX testing, will be available later this month. The new THX 3D Certified projectors are the Reference Series DLA-RS60 and DLA-RS50, to be marketed by JVC's Professional Products Company, and the Procision Series DLA-X9 and DLA-X7, to be available through JVC U.S.A.

30/10/2010 - Sony Internet TV with Google TV review
If you're interested in being an early adopter of Google TV, for now you can choose a separate passthrough box like the Logitech Revue or Sony's Blu-ray player, or plop the whole experience into the display with Sony's new Internet TV line. We spent some time with the Sony Internet TV NSX-32GT1, and we're a bit surprised to find that it could feature the best implementation of the Google TV experience of them all. But is that enough? After you've digested our impressions of the platform as a whole, check out our review of the Internet TV to find out.

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Sony Internet TV with Google TV review originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 29 Oct 2010 17:33:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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09/11/2009 - Epson Develops World's First 4K HTPS TFT Panel for 3LCD Projectors

Epson announced that it has developed the world's first 4K-compatible high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panel for 3LCD projectors.

Measuring 1.64 inches diagonally, the new panel supports displays with resolutions up to 4096 × 2160 pixels.

07/10/2009 - The Perspectives for Over the Top Television

INTERVIEW. The emergence of Over the Top Television (OTT) technologies is not widely viewed as a threat to the existence of telcos in their quest to transform IPTV services, an official has said.

Victor Dominguez, vice president of DS2, a leading provider of semiconductors for high-speed communications over existing wires, said fears doing the rounds in the information communication technology sector had no substance at the moment.

30/07/2009 - Atlona Releases Swiveled HDMI and DVI Cables

Atlona has released a new range of HDMI and DVI to HDMI cables that feature a swivel connector end which allows them to bend at 90 degrees in either direction.
This connector design enables users to nearly flush mount their HDTVs - avoiding the problems posed when connecting standard HDMI cables to rear-facing HDMI ports.

23/07/2009 - Vivitek Targets US With $999 1080p DLP Projector

Vivitek has signalled its intention to penetrate the US home-theater projector market with the unveiling of its latest FullHD 1080p home-theater projector.
The H1080FD FullHD model, which is based on Texas Instruments' S450 chip/light-engine design, will go on sale in August for a price of USD $999.

15/07/2009 - Amimon Raises $10 Million on Back of Strong WHDI Performance

Wireless HD chipmaker Amimon has raised USD $10 million in its latest round of funding.
The Israeli company's announcement comes as demand for HDTVs capable of wirelessly transferring HD video from one device in the home continues to grow.

30/06/2009 - Panasonic makes Tsuyuzaki new CTO
The executive who helped Panasonic develop its Blu-ray discs and 3D FullHD TV technologies has been named as the new chief technology officer of Panasonic Consumer Electronics North America.
Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Panasonic’s Hollywood Laboratory managing director, is replacing Paul Liao who is leaving the company to be the new CEO of Cable Television Laboratories.

08/05/2009 - Latest mini-HDMI connectors get shown off in prototype form

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Mini HDMI connectors aren't exactly anything new, but a number of companies have now produced some prototypes based on the latest Type D spec set for inclusion in the next HDMI standard, which they hope will be more suitable for cellphones, GPS systems, and other portable devices. One of those comes from Molex Inc (pictured above) and, like the others, is half the size of a regular HDMI connector (or about the same size as a micro-USB connector) but employs the same 19 pins as the standard HDMI design. That's joined by a similar connector from Yazaki Corp of Japan, as well as a connector designed specifically for automotive use by Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd, which supposedly boasts improved reliability and durability. Still no promises as to when any of these specific prototypes will actually materialize, of course, but the first few mini connectors of some sort could start appearing as soon as the second half of this year.

Latest mini-HDMI connectors get shown off in prototype form originally appeared on Engadget HD on Fri, 08 May 2009 15:39:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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28/04/2009 - 2011 Peak For SD DTT STB semiconductors

High-definition Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) set top boxes (STBs) offer semiconductor makers a short term spike in opportunity.
However, standard definition (SD) DTT STBs will be a more sustainable market for manufacturers, according to In-Stat.

14/10/2008 - Verizon's CTO speaks on DTV transition, FiOS TV and IPTV migration

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Verizon has been expanding its FiOS TV footprint at a pretty regular clip, but that's not all the telco has up its sleeve for the future. In a recent interview with Telephony, the outfit's CTO, Mark Wegleitner, explained that Verizon was looking to add more SD and HD channels as the transition to digital TV continued. Granted, that's no different than most every other programming provider out there, but it's good to know Verizon has additional HD on the brain. Speaking about IPTV migration, he explained that the company was "moving toward IPTV in the interactive VOD world and digital QAM in the broadcast world." Sure, the subject matter here is pretty technical, but if you're geeked out by what you've already heard, hit the read link for lots more where this came from.
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29/09/2008 - "Better-Then-Blu-ray" Movies For Select SIM2 Few

SIM2 has teamed up with the US's Entertainment Experience, LLC to offer just-released movie blockbusters as part of a better-than-blu high-def home-cinema package. spoke to the high-performance HD projector specialists to find out why they've launched what appears to be yet another HD format when the public is still wavering about Blu-ray.

28/08/2008 - Sanyo uncorks $1,295 720p PLV-Z60 projector

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As the pre-CEDIA releases continue to roll, we've got yet another projector from Sanyo. The PLV-Z60 offers up a native 720p resolution, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 1,200 ANSI lumens, 3D color management system, 12-bit processing IC for video decoding, scaling and gamma curve generation and a 2x optical zoom. You'll also find VGA, HDMI (x2), component (x2) and S-Video connections, and you can find the PJ itself next month for $1,295. [Warning: PDF read link]
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04/08/2008 - NEC announces NP41, NP64 mobile projectors

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While it's possible they may one day all be replaced by pico projectors, so-called "mobile projectors" are still a mainstay for a good deal of presentation-delivering users out there, and NEC has just introduced two new models for their consideration. Weighing in at a luggable 3.5 pounds apiece, the new NP41 and NP64 DLP projectors each boast a standard 1024 x 768 resolution, along with a 1,600:1 contrast ratio, automatic keystone correction, VGA, RCA, and S-video inputs, and a promised 3,500 hours of lamp life in the projector's eco mode. The only difference between the two, it seems, is a brighter 3,000 lumens on the NP64, compared to 2,300 on the NP41. You'll also have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on the NP41, which will land in October for $999, while the NP61 will start shipping in September for $1,399.

[Via Electronista]
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26/07/2008 - TV Snob isn't snobbish, gives TV Armor a thumbs up

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TV Armor screen protector
We didn't expect it, but TV Snob put the TV Armor screen protector to the test. We chortled a bit when we first saw the product, but the good folks at TV Snob gave it a thumbs up, so a mea culpa is in order. The matte finish on the acrylic shield effectively cut down the light output of the LCD by about 5-percent, but also minimized glare effects, so the overall effect on picture quality was negligible. That pretty much stifles our concerns, so we'll let you hit that link if you're interested to know how TV Armor fared on the aesthetic and protective fronts; well worth the read if your display is subject to things that go "bump."
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24/07/2008 - Samsung releases SP-P400 mini projector, includes a price

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We had a chance to see Samsung's not-exactly-diminutive SP-P400 projector at CES this year, but it seems the time has finally come for Sammy to release it into the wild. Reportedly, this portable beamer is now available in South Korea (alongside the SP-D300 business projector) for around $800, which it would totally be worth if it fit easily within the confines of a front pocket. At 145- x 145- x 64-millimeters, we'd have to think about it. Heavily.

[Via AboutProjectors]
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10/07/2008 - Soaps at the fore of switch to HD

Emmerdale has become the British network ITV’s first soap production to be recorded in high def.
It joins Channel 4’s Hollyoaks and the BBC’s Doctors, while the long-running Coronation Street is expected to make the change from SD shortly.
The show’s stars were reportedly concerned about the transition, worried that the new HD video would draw attention to facial wrinkles.

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