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17/04/2014 - What you might not know about the 4K/Ultra HD TV
Everybody is talking about the latest advancement in TV technology, the 4K TV, also known as the Ultra HD TV. Sooner or later, you are bound to own one of these, so this is a sneak peak of the facts behind the entire buzz.

15/04/2014 - Sharp Introduces New Line of Quattron Pro 4K TVs
The 4K TV technology scene has seen new entrants coming out to support it and be part of this revolution. One of the latest entrants is Sharp, one of the leading TV manufacturers. Sharp has come up with a variety of Quattron Pro TVs and some have already hit the UK market.

11/04/2014 - DirecTV's Genie DVR extenders clip the cord with a wireless version

DirecTV's Genie DVR setup will serve up to eight rooms in your house (four at once) but what if you're trying to get TV outside, or in a room that's not already wired? It's not the most common situation now, but if that's an issue, DirecTV is matching the wireless set-top boxes coming from Dish and AT&T with one of its own. The Wireless Genie Mini just needs power (and a wireless bridge connected to the main DVR) and it's ready to stream live or DVR'd TV. It's been available as a test in several markets for a few months now, but now anyone in the US can get one for $99, and if you already have the bridge, there's no need for an installer to come out. We liked the Genie system when we reviewed it and thought it was a good competitor to Dish's Hopper DVR system -- we'll see if this year's battle over wireless boxes helps guide any customers to one service or the other.

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Source: DirecTV

08/04/2014 - The Weather Channel comes back to DirecTV, but now with less reality TV

After dragging on for months, a standoff between DirecTV and The Weather Channel has ended and the winner is pretty clear. In mid-January TWC went dark on the satellite service and DirecTV started pushing the three people left who don't get their weather info from the internet to another channel, WeatherNation. There hadn't been any movement since, but after news a few days ago that DirecTV signed a multiyear deal with WeatherNation, it appears The Weather Channel finally blinked.

A statement announcing the deal includes an apology to DirecTV and its customers from Weather Company CEO David Kenny, plus a promise to cut TWC's reality TV programming by half on weekdays (Deadliest Space Weather is a real show). Other throw ins include the return of instant local weather and letting DirecTV subscribers stream The Weather Channel's video feed to other devices over the internet no matter where they are. Now that this long national nightmare is over (DirecTV is still duking it out with the Dodgers, PAC-12 and CSN Houston networks), we're hoping they go back and add a line ending TWC's silly new practice of naming winter storms -- that's not a thing, stop it.

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Source: DirecTV

02/04/2014 - HBO Go, SHO Anytime and more headed to Amazon Fire TV

After announcing its new Fire TV set-top box today, Amazon naturally revealed a content lineup to go along with the streaming device. For starters, 10 original Amazon Studios series will arrive exclusively for Prime Instant Video -- these include some we've previously heard about, such as Mozart in the Jungle. Amazon also announced several apps headed to the Fire TV: HBO Go, SHO Anytime, Pandora and RedBullTV, among many others. For the moment, we don't have any information of when these apps will arrive, but we wouldn't be surprised if they were already on board when the set-top box launches. Follow our liveblog for more info.

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24/03/2014 - Panasonic: High hopes for 4K TV
Panasonic has come out to strongly support their latest technological advancement in the 4K TV technology, claiming that it is bound to succeed as there is more drive to it as compared to the 3D that has really failed to gain attention in the market. Although Panasonic 4K TV costs approximately $4100, which is quite a large amount to be spent on a TV, they are optimistic that the 4K TV will rise.

18/03/2014 - Sky's new program guide fuses live TV with online content

In an effort to put more content at the touch of viewers' fingertips, Sky's bringing together live TV and online content as part of a new 'Homepage' rollout for Sky+ boxes. As part of the update, the company has combined Catch Up TV, Sky Store, and Sky+ Planner for the first time, giving them equal prominence in its new tile-based electronic program guide (EPG). The reasons behind the change are clear: Sky recognized the importance of online streaming and on-demand television early on and has developed various services that can compete with Virgin Media, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Apple's iTunes in their own right. Now it wants people to use them more. To mirror the changes on its set-top boxes, Sky says the Sky+ app will also receive an update, in which it will gain an option to turn Sky+HD boxes on and off from a mobile device. While the new Homepage will be available from today, it may take until the end of May for it to become available for all.

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12/03/2014 - Toshiba sticks to what it knows with new LED HDTV range

Toshiba's already spilled the beans on its 4K TV line-up for this year, and right on cue, it's just revealed the new range of 2014 LED sets that might interest us folk still clinging on to the regular HD era. The entry-level 3 series gains a number of new recruits, all with some smart TV features, baked-in WiFi and Freeview HD, in the UK at least. The L3 range is full HD, with 40- and 48-inch options, while the lone W3 model is a 32-inch, 1,366 x 768 affair. With the same resolution and screen sizes from 24 to 40 inches, the D3 series also have DVD players on board, and all of the above are slated for launch in the US and UK later this month.

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06/03/2014 - High-tech components in this curved Samsung 4K TV make for wonderful picture quality
This year, when it comes to new TV technology, all eyes are on the curved 4K TVs as was the case at this early January’s CES. The Samsung UN65HU9000 stood out at the show because apart from its attractive stature, it paraded remarkable UHD (other name for 4K) image. This is what caught our eyes, the quality of the picture is just amazing. 

28/02/2014 - A bigger screen for less money: use a 4K TV instead of a monitor
A 4K TV could be your best chance of getting great and efficient monitor service without spending an extra coin. According to Brian Hauer who wrote a piece on Tiamat, programmers will be happy to discover the $500 Seiki 39” 4K TV which works very well as a high-output display. Anybody else who works with many windows open will appreciate the productivity enhancement that the TV will add to your work considering other good and affordable 27” or 30” monitors will cost you $400 - $650.

24/02/2014 - Why the Apple TV Sequel, Expected In 2014, May Now Face a Tricky Debut
We know for sure that Apple is developing a new Apple TV. We are curious as to what new features the new tiny black box will have and when exactly it's set to be launched.

28/01/2014 - 4K: Is Ultra HD the Next Big Step?
The next advancement in the TV sector is already here and when compared to the standard HDTV, it makes it seem faint and overrated. The new technological format known as 4K was primarily designed for digital cinema projections due to its high resolutions. Compared to a 1080 HD TV, 4K offers up to four times the HD resolution. Due to this high resolution, 4K TVs are very expensive but the prices have already started rationalizing.

21/01/2014 - Video View Expanded by Sony’s Wearable HDTV
Sony has devised a virtual-reality headset that simulates a real video situation by allowing you to expand the view by moving your head side to side or up and down. The wearable HDTV that comes with a price tag of $1,000 worked as expected in a demonstration staged by Sony.

15/01/2014 - Samsung’s 110-inch 4K HDTV Now Available for Sale
After displaying its new 110-inch HDTV at CES, Samsung has finally opened up orders for this set. However, it is not clear what the cost of the HDTV will be. Besides, Samsung is availing the huge set in the Middle East, China, and a number of European countries.

10/01/2014 - CES 2014: New Bravia HDTV Lineup Announced by Sony
An all new HDTV lineup from Sony is on display this week at CES 2014. A number of HDTVs will be included in the Bravia series including the W630B, the W850B, and the W950B.

07/01/2014 - Sceptre's showing off 4K TVs, Roku Ready displays, earbuds and pretty much everything, ever at CES

Some companies make a a big to-do over a single product, with big press events and bigger ad campaigns. And then there are those companies like Sceptre that just kind of do the shotgun thing, jamming a single press release up with several product lines, ranging from a series of 4K TVs to earbuds with zipper-esque cord that's less likely to get tangled than the standard fare. The big announcement here is the unoriginally titled 4K Series, which range from 39- to 58-inches. Though, for the record, it's a much more solid moniker than the "Color Line," which are apparently named for their frames and not the fact that that their picture is no longer confined to just black and white. The company's also got a line of Roku Ready displays, some sound bars and something called a "Mobile Internet Display," which runs Android and sure sounds a lot like a tablet to us...

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06/01/2014 - Samsung shows off its 85-inch curved TV that bends with the touch of a button (video)

Somewhere to the right of Samsung's huge 105-inch UHD TV, there was something even more curious. The TV was initially switched off, but otherwise plainly labelled for all to see: "85-inch bending TV." We stuck around to see it in action -- check it out after the break. Many will say why. Others, simply, why not?

Todd Thoenig contributed to this report.

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17/12/2013 - Sharp Slashes the RRP of 4K TV by $3K
According to last month’s announcements, Sharp had priced its new 4K Ultra High Def 70" TV at A$12,999, this being several thousand more than the 65" 4K TV's sold by Panasonic or Samsung.

13/12/2013 - DirecTV pondering online video service that deliberately won't compete with Netflix

Satellite provider DirecTV may already have embraced online broadcasts, but reports suggest it's looking to double-down on streaming to lure back a younger generation of cord cutters. The WSJ reports that the company is exploring the idea of launching a "price-sensitive" paid video service that won't look to compete with Netflix or similar services, but would instead bundle programmes to cater for specific customers, like Hispanic audiences or children. DirecTV appeared ready to dive deeper into streaming when it was linked with a $1 billion-plus bid for video site Hulu, but CEO Mike White has indicated that his company has already begun navigating the choppy waters of online programme licensing in an attempt to kickstart its own service. While he isn't sharing his online vision for now, White says he will disclose more information in the next 12 months -- so don't dismantle that satellite dish just yet.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

09/12/2013 - Hilarious Reviews For Samsung’s $40,000 HDTV on Sale on Amazon
Often whenever people purchase products from Amazon, they write a short review of the product. This is true for a Samsung TV that is for sale for $39,997.99. By viewing the Amazon site, the TV actually looks like quite a deal.

22/11/2013 - New Sales vice President Appointed by Mohu
Brett Eppley has been appointed as Mohu’s vice president of sales. He is set to "further enlarge Mohu’s retail availability of HDTV antennas as well as other consumer electronic products." Eppley is poised to bring a wealth of experience to the company after serving as general manager for national accounts at VOXX international for the past three years. VOXX international markets digital TV antennas through its RCA, Audiovox and Terk brands.

20/11/2013 - Best Buy Kicks Off Save Early-Pre-Black Friday, HDTV's Included
Best Buy is kicking off an online-exclusive save early pre-Black Friday sale. This means that there will not be an outdoor waiting in line since it is an online sale. There are numerous perks that you can get from the Best Buy’s pre-Black Friday sale without standing in line and fighting crowds. Best Buy is also offering free shipping for customers who make purchases for over twenty five dollars.

18/11/2013 - Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts Apple HDTV Set in 2015 and A7-Powered Apple TV In 2014
There has been a lot of speculation regarding an anticipated Apple-designed TV set this year. However, research by Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities notes that the much anticipated product is not set to arrive until 2015. He however indicates that a refreshed Apple TV that is powered by its 64-bit A7 processor will instead be launched in 2014.

05/11/2013 - Apple’s 2014 Lineup includes iWatch and HDTV
Apple’s media event on Oct. 22 turned into a bit of a damp squid with only some upgrades to the existing products being unveiled. However, reports indicate that Apple is ready with a new product line to be unveiled in 2014.

30/10/2013 - Displays for 4.7-Inch iPhone, Apple HDTV, Retina MacBook Air and iWatch Predicted by NPD DisplaySearch
NPD DisplaySearch is a reputable source of supply chain chatter. They are currently making predictions on Apple’s future iOS device line up. These include the Retina MacBook air, Apple HDTV, iPhone 6 as well as the iWatch. They are indicating that Apple will certainly release a larger iPhone. Infact, they are of the view that Apple’s products across the board are set to have massive improvements. 

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