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01/10/2013 - Toshiba's TransferJet adapter does high-speed video transfer from micro-USB, smartphone chip coming next year

Toshiba's TransferJet adapter offers highspeed video transfer from microUSB ports, builtin chip for smartphones coming next year

Toshiba's TransferJet has kept relatively quiet since we got the full explanation (spoilers: high-speed data transfer over very short distances) on stage at CES 2013. Finally, several Toshiba products are now ready for launch. Alongside a compatible SDHC card, there's also has a new micro-USB adapter that plugs into your (Android-only, although Toshiba are in discussions with Apple) smartphone, enabling those much-faster-than-Bluetooth data speeds over a distance of a few centimeters. It worked without a hitch on the show floor here at CEATEC, and the TransferJet duo is set to go on sale this December.

Toshiba's spokesperson added that pricing for the pair of adapters will come in at around 10,000 yen (around $100), although it was the tiny chip sat next to it that really piqued our interest. Toshiba is planning to get its TransferJet tech embedded within smartphones and other products in the future, which could make a far more convincing argument for the file transfer technique. One module chip has been given a December production date, although the company wouldn't spill the beans on exactly which devices we'll see it in.

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07/10/2012 - Sharp 'Moth Eye' LCD Panel demo shows off future HDTVs with less glare

Sharp Moth eye LCD Panel demo shows off future HDTVs with less glare, reflections

While its high pixel density mobile displays stole much of the attention at CEATEC 2012, Sharp also has tech destined for bigger screens like this "Moth Eye Panel" that Engadget Japanese took a look at during the show. Thanks to nanoscale irregularities on its surface similar to the eye of a moth it claims to give bright colors and high contrast while cutting down glare as seen above (moth eye panel on the left) The technology isn't in use yet, but Sharp says the film has been produced in 60-, 70- and 80-inch sizes already, so if you thought the company's extra large and Elite HDTVs couldn't get any better, next year's model will probably have at least one way to prove you wrong.

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Sharp 'Moth Eye' LCD Panel demo shows off future HDTVs with less glare originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 07 Oct 2012 02:23:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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02/10/2012 - Toshiba Regza J7 and Z7 TVs pack built-in DVR with recommendation feature, we go eyes-on (video)

Toshiba Regza J7 and Z7 TVs pack builtin DVR with recommendation feature, we go handson video

Toshiba had its new lineup of Regza HDTVs on hand at CEATEC today, showing sets from both the J7 Series and Z7 series. All TVs across both lineups include Toshiba's time-shift machine feature, which is essentially a DVR that records up to 40 hours of content and recommends programs based on your viewing history. The J7 Series offers 32-, 40, 50- and 65-inch options, all of which boast 1080p resolutions save for the 32-incher. Pricing starts at ¥75,000 (about $961) and tops off at ¥370,000 for the largest model. The slightly higher-end Z Series includes 42-, 47- and 55-inch models, with pricing ranging from ¥180,000 to ¥370,000.

We spent a few minutes staring into the high-def abyss at the company's rather dim booth, and all of the displays looked quite stunning. Unfortunately, we weren't able to test out the time-shift feature, so we'll have to take the company on its word there. The premium Z7 models include a thinner bezel and an overall sleeker look, while the J7 featured a more rounded design, with a beefier border around the panel. All of the TVs are expected to debut in time for the holiday season. For now, you can get a sneak peek from our hands-on video below.

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Toshiba Regza J7 and Z7 TVs pack built-in DVR with recommendation feature, we go eyes-on (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 01 Oct 2012 23:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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01/10/2009 - Sony Develops 240fps Single Lens 3D Camera

Sony announced the development of a single lens 3D camera technology capable of recording “natural and smooth” 3D images of even fast-moving subject matter such as sports, at 240fps.

The new technology combines an optical system for single lens 3D camera which captures the left and right images simultaneously, together with existing high frame rate (HFR) recording technology to realize 240fps 3D filming.

10/10/2008 - DoCoMo serves your DLNA content to a friend's TV via mobile phone

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Eager to live in the fantastical future it has prophesied, NTT DoCoMo went to CEATEC and demoed an upcoming addition to its Pocket U service: MH2H (Mobile Home to Home), which gives you the ability use your cellphone to stream content from your computer at home to a friend's TV. The phone connects to your friend's WiFi network and sends his or her DLNA-compliant receiver the IP address of your also-DLNA-compliant server, then tells said server to accept the connection and start streaming any videos, songs, or photos you feel like sharing. When you leave, the connection ends and every one goes back to partying on their own isolated media islands like it's 2006.

[Image courtesy of Tech-On!]
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07/10/2008 - Hitachi shows off custom HDTV frames at CEATEC

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Hitachi sure was busting out the prototypes at CEATEC: a 15mm 37-inch LCD TV, wireless HD camcorder and a slew of custom framing options for its Wooo HDTVs. This isn't the first (far from it, actually) attempt we've seen at covering those traditional black / silver bezels with something a bit more flashy, but it's not often that a TV manufacturer gets involved. Unfortunately, there's still a good chance the pre-production frames will be held as Japan-only accessories depending on US demand, but we hear planes fly to Tokyo everyday if you're dead-set on eventually acquiring one.
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07/10/2008 - Pioneer KURO LCD pics from CEATEC emerge

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In case CNET's pics of the upcoming Pioneer KURO LCDs weren't enough to get your wild speculation going, and you can't get over to Germany to pick one up for yourself, some more photos of the KRL-32V, 37V and 46V sets have emerged from the CEATEC show. Getting good photos from the tradeshow floor is tough, but these pics (especially the ones against a black backdrop) look promising in terms of black level, at least. The linked post hints that the LCDs may not have quite measured up to the namesake plasmas, so remember what we said about show floor pics. Still, even if Pioneer is sourcing the panels from Sharp, we're encourged by the focus on image quality over slim profiles. Hit the link for more eye-candy and let us know what you think.
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07/10/2008 - Sharp shows off 52-inch solar-powered LCD TV at CEATEC

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We've seen some fairly fascinating things at CEATEC this year, but this one could be the biggest game-changer of 'em all, if you'll allow us just one buzzword. The LED-backlit 52-incher you see above comes attached to a not-at-all convenient solar floor panel which presumably provides at least some of the energy required to power this thing. We've no clue how close the design is to being viable for the commercial realm, but we'd say Sharp's definitely headed in the right direction here.
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02/10/2008 - Hitachi Camcorder Wirelessly Streams HD

Hitachi have been showing off a prototype digital camcorder that can stream HD video on a TV via a wireless LAN, according to Tech-On.
The camcorder, which was being exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2008, can output video recorded on its HDD or video being shot live to a Hitachi HDTV.

02/10/2008 - Panasonic demoes WirelessHD transmission standard at CEATEC

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While AMIMON's WHDI technology was the star of the wireless HD show at CEDIA, Panasonic has chosen CEATEC to show off its tether-less system. WirelessHD, which was introduced back at CES, can pass along 1080p content using the 60GHz band milliwave, and data transmissions speeds can reach up to 4Gbps. According to attendees, the cordless Blu-ray demonstration was humming along nicely, which bodes well for it actually launching in 2009. Check out a few more details pics in the read link.
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01/10/2008 - Panasonic's EZ Touch multitouch remote control concept hands-on and video

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Panasonic is looking to reinvent the remote control with its EZ Touch Remote prototype that it is showing off here at CEATEC. Rather than rely on a touch-screen interface that forces one to look down at a remote (and away from the object of one's entertainment), the concept puts the visual feedback where it belongs: on the screen. The remote can sense left- or right-handed users and adjust the interface appropriately, moving important triggers around based on where one's thumb may (or may not) be. Dual touch pads allow for multitouch data entry and zoom manipulation, while gestures allow for quick scrolls, making this one of the most intuitive and drool-worthy remote controls we've seen in a while, or ever. We're so into it that we've provided a full gallery and three videos after the break.

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01/10/2008 - Microvision's PicoP-based pocket projector revamped for CEATEC

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Now that pico projectors are actually headed to end users, we're seeing a number of companies hop in the fast lane to production. Take Microvision for instance -- these guys were taking their sweet time by introducing the PicoP beamer back at CES, and now we're looking at a freshly revamped version that has already begun shipping to OEMs for "evaluation and end-user testing." Reportedly, the device shown at CEATEC featured a "thinner, smaller and brighter PicoP engine and several image quality enhancements" over the unit displayed at CES, and it officially boasted a WVGA resolution that could be blown up to 100-inches in size. Unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear how long it'll be before this one slips into consumers' hands, but we've a feeling it'll be sooner rather than later.

[Via AboutProjectors]
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25/09/2008 - Hitachi makes like Toshiba and touts "super resolution technology"

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We actually had to dust off our spectacles to make sure this wasn't some sort of misunderstanding, but clearly, Hitachi is pulling a Toshiba. Generally, we wouldn't make such a claim, but given that Tosh also calls its wizard-like upconverting technology Super Resolution, we'd say the likeness requires such a comparison. Reportedly, Hitachi has been toiling day and night on its own "super resolution technology," which will theoretically take SD images and scale them to near-1080p. Amazingly, we're told that it can also "convert HDTV images, such as digital terrestrial broadcasts, into images with even higher (what, SHV?) definition." The tech is executed on a frame-by-frame basis and should be exhibited at the upcoming CEATEC trade show in Japan; as for a release, Hitachi's currently aiming to get this into LCDs and plasmas "after 2010."
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