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16/08/2012 - Bose's Latest and Greatest HDTV Offering is the VideoWave II
Bose is known internationally for their audio systems, but the VideoWave II, the next generation of their popular original home theater offering, gives users a 55-inch HDTV and all that is needed for a full home theater.

21/08/2008 - Bose SoundDock Series II heading to a den near you this September

Say what you will about Bose's price to performance ratio, that company knows how to move iPod docks. The Bose SoundDock and SoundDock Portable have an astounding hold on the premium end of the iPod accessory market, and the SoundDock Series II followup likely won't be breaking that streak. The new Series II dock has a slightly refined look, more akin to the SoundDock Portable than the original, includes an aux-in jack (at last), and can charge the iPhone 3G -- a sore point for folks who've been charging their iPods and iPhones just fine on the original SoundDock for years, only to have the legacy-free iPhone 3G do them in. The Series II dock also includes the Portable's more advance remote for browsing playlists and such. Price is $299, it should ship starting in September.
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