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Samsung expands Silicon Valley crib with 11 million square foot R&D center

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most extravagant flashy lifestyle, the deluxe villa, the fly palace of Samsung Semiconductor Inc. It only exists as a pile of architects' drawings right now, and probably looks nothing like the Minecraft wonderment shown above, but when it's finished the 10-story San Jose structure will boast the following:

  • A new sales and R&D center, built in the stead of some existing Samsung offices, with floor space totaling 1.1 million square feet.
  • A layout that seeks to "encourage interaction among staff" and "foster connections with the community," while ultimately improving Sammy's "soft capabilities"
  • A parking garage and an "amenity pavilion" (whatever that is, we just know we can't afford one)

So, that's pretty much it in terms of detail. But to put all this into perspective, we're talking about an HQ that will be slightly bigger than Apple's recent 3,600-worker expansion in Austin, Texas -- or around a third the size of an infinite loop.

[Image credit: MinecraftModsDL.com]

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