IFA 2009: Philips Launches Wireless HDTV Link

Thursday 3rd September 2009 - 17:08

Today at IFA 2009, Philips presented Wireless HDTV Link that allows to connect TV to set top box and AV components without any cable.

Wireless HDTV Link transmits 1080p/30 HD signal up to 20 meters, making it possible e.g. to stream devices like a Blu-ray player to a TV from the other side of the room.

The device has two digital HDMI connections and two component connections, allowing switching between devices (TVs, DVDs, games consoles) without having to change cables and plugs in between uses.

Philips admitted that there are products already available that can wirelessly replace cables but, as they claim, their Wireless HDTV Link is the only that doesn’t deteriorate the picture quality “allowing you to enjoy the same high standard of picture quality without wires.”

HDTV Link allows connecting all major brand (CEC) HDTVs with audio and video. Compliance to the HDMI CEC standard will allow devices to seamlessly work together.

The receiver has also been specially designed to fit behind standard TV wall mounts so that it is out of sight and won’t ruin the aesthetics of the room.

It looks as if there was some more room for a device like that on the market, after Belkin has said in July this year it will not be releasing its FlyWire wireless HDMI accessory because of the current state of the economy.

We can understand the move of Philips even in the time of a crisis, as its Wireless HDTV will cost €599.99, while the Belkin’s device had an expecteds retail price of USD $1,499.

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