UK Capital To Begin HD Terrestrial Tests

Tuesday 10th February 2009 - 18:07

London's Crystal Palace transmitter has been fitted with equipment necessary for high definition test transmissions to be carried out.

The modulator equipped for test transmissions using the new DVB-T2 transmission standard was provided by Enensys.

DVB-T2 high definition tests are scheduled to begin later this month.

Last September, the BBC successfully performed test transmissions in the UK to receive high def pictures compliant to the DVB-T2 standard using a real-time demodulator.

It was the first time anywhere in the world that a live end-to-end DVB-T2 chain was demonstrated.

The UK’s analog transmission ends in 2012 but some parts of the country will get the benefit of DVB-T2 as early as this year.

The current estimate is that in 2009 there will be three HD channels available in the UK, one of which goes to the BBC and the other two going to ITV, Channel 4 or Five.

According to DigitalSpy, those broadcasters who plan to launch HD services on multiplex B, which is being reconfigured across the UK in tandem with switchover to support HD broadcasts, will take part in the trials.

Others taking part include transmission infrastructure provider Arqiva and set top box manufacturers Panasonic, Pace, Humax and Sony.

Ofcom will chair a steering committee overseeing the trials.
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